Solar PV Electricity

How it works: Solar Electric PV panels convert sunlight directly into electricity using silicon and/or thin film materials in solar cells. This developed technology continues to make advancements in the way homes and businesses make and use electricity.

A typical, solar system is "grid-tied" and connects to your utility electric service. You use the solar-generated electricity as you normally would.  When your solar PV electric creates "surplus" power, you essentially sell it to the power company. How? The Utility Net Metering Program allows you to receive a rebate credit for the amount of electricity you offset dollar for dollar.

Solar PV with Batteries are off-grid systems, for homes and locations that do not have ready access to utility power. Going off grid means that the solar panels charge batteries, locally storing the electricity that powers your home. Being that every day is not sunny, most users have a backup generator to supplement their full time electric needs, mostly during winter months when the sun is not as bright.