Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar water heating, the most popular form of renewable energy worldwide, uses solar collectors that ges very hot when positioned in the sun light. The average household uses between 40-80 gallons of hot water daily. Now, with a normal water heater, as much as 25% of your home’s energy bill goes to making hot water.

But a solar water heater pre-heats the water heading to your hot water tank, which greatly lowers your overall cost. Solar heating works with existing water heater and space heating equipment, providing year-round heat. On good sunny days, all the water is heated by solar. On cloudy or cold days the collectors do get hot, and still pre-heat the majority of the hot water needed. That's true, even in cooler climates like Chicagoland's!

How it works: An insulated waterproof enclosure creates a window effect, heating the collector surface, like the sun’s effect as it heats the interior of your car or a hot sandy beach on a sunny day.

This technology is built to last. The durable construction is damage resistant and easily serviced. Service life can exceed 30-40 years.